1984    Born in San Jose, CA; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


2002-2005     Academy of Art University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree program, San Francisco, CA


Solo Exhibitions

2017     “ICONS” Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

2017     “ICONS” Superchief Gallery NY, New York, NY

2017     “ICONS” Superchief Gallery LA, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018      stARTup Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

2018      "Art in Ad Places," Lucas Lucas, New York, NY

2018      "One Year of Resistance" Untitled Space, New York, NY

2018      Superchief Gallery, LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2017      "Superchief Gallery" Juxtapoz Clubhouse, Miami, FL

2017      "Outfest" Lethal Amounts, Los Angeles, CA

2017     "5 Year Anniversary Group Show" Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017     "5 Year Anniversary Group Show" Superchief Gallery, New York, NY

2017     "''ICONS' book signing" La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017     “Angry Women” Untitled Space, New York, NY

2017     “Last Night” Castor Gallery, New York, NY

2017     “The Sacred Screen” The Square Gallery, London, England

2016     “Goddessphere” Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL

2016     “TIMNBY” Milan, Italy

2016     “FotoDC” Washington, DC

2016     “Photoville” New York, NY

2016     “Konvent” Barcelona, Spain

2016     “Ephemeral” Guy Hepner New York, NY

2016     “The New Important Photographers” Superchief Gallery, New York, NY

2016     “Lifeforce” Untitled Space, New York, NY



2017     “ICONS,” NOT A CULT, first and second editions

Selected Print Publication Covers

2017     ARam Kim, Blink Magazine, Issue #51.

2017     Ione Gamble, Polyester, Issue Six.

Selected Print Publication Features 

2017     "Possession," Polyester, Daughters of Darkness Photo Zine

2017     "Film Struck," Bust Magazine, Aug/Sept 2017

2017     Andreas Müller-Pohle, European Magazine, 101

2017     Peter Speetjens, Plastik, vol. 30.

2016     Austin McManus: “Picture Book,” Juxtapoz, n191, December.

2016     American Chordata, Issue Four, Fall.

2016     Ione Gamble: “Stars in Her Eyes,” Polyester, Issue Five.

2016      Alexander Langer: “Play: Parker Day,” Business Punk, 05_2016.

2016     “Portfolio,” Sentimental Magazine, Issue No3.

2016     “Goings On About Town,” The New Yorker, May 9.

Selected Web Publications

2017      Ruby Boddington, "Parker Day’s lurid colours and grotesque characters elevate identity and fantasy," It's Nice That, November 17, https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/parker-day-possession-photography-171117

2017      Nana Wong, "她的相片是糖衣包裹的老鼠藥──洛杉磯攝影師Parker Day," Hokk Fabrica, November 5, http://hokkfabrica.com/social-sunday-interview-parker-day/

2017      Sirin Kale, "Exploring the 'Darker Undercurrents' of Femininity, in Photos," Broadly, October 12, https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/xwgjmk/polyester-magazine-third-birthday-issue-photos

2017      "Art Imitates Life," Topic, October 3, https://www.topic.com/art-imitates-life

2017      Kyle Fitzpatrick, "Parker Day’s Portraits On Acid," Westwood Westwood, August 23, https://www.westwoodwestwood.com/culture/art/parker-days-portraits-acid/

2017     "Queerstory," The Front, July 31, http://www.thefront.com/look/queerstory/

2017     Marine Michel, "Film Photography Sees no Boundaries in Parker Day’s Freakish yet Bewitching Series: ICONS (NSFW)," Unrated, May 25, http://unrtd.co/film-photography-sees-no-boundaries-in-parker-days-freakish-yet-bewitching-series-icons-nsfw/

2017     Gloria Cardona, "Parker Day’s Totally Twisted and Completely Badass Glamour Shots," Sleek, May 3, http://www.sleek-mag.com/2017/05/03/photographer-hey-parker-day-interview/

2017     Justin Moran, "Parker Day's Technicolor 'ICONS' Wave Freak Flags High," Out, March 24, http://www.out.com/art-books/2017/3/24/parker-days-technicolor-icons-wave-freak-flags-high

2017     Iltalo Pantano, “Parker Day: Icons,” Vogue Italia, March 3, http://www.vogue.it/en/news/vogue-arts/2017/03/03/parker-day-icons-100-portraits-exhibition-superchief-gallery-ny/

2017     Nick Gazin, “Meet the Fantastic Freaks of Photographer Parker Day’s Subconscious,” Vice, March 3, https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/meet-the-fantastic-freaks-of-photographer-parker-days-subconscious

2017     Alexandra Weird, “Get Lost in Parker Day’s Absurdist Fantasy World,” Bullett Media, March 3, http://bullettmedia.com/article/get-lost-in-parker-days-absurdist-fantasy-world/

2017     Kurt McVery, “Peep Photographer Parker Day’s Surreal, Color-Saturated Portraits,” Paper, February 21, http://www.papermag.com/peep-photographer-parker-days-surreal-color-saturated-portraits-2274852554.html

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2017     Marnie Sehayek, “Meet Photographer Parker Day’s Bizarre Cast of Characters,” LA Weekly, February 6, http://www.laweekly.com/arts/meet-photographer-parker-days-bizarre-cast-of-characters-7902442

2017     Zing Tsjeng, “The Photographer Transforming Her Subjects into Lurid, Strange Superheroes,” Broadly., January 13, https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/the-photographer-transforming-her-subjects-into-lurid-strange-superheroes

2016     Jasmin Hernandez, “Art ON! Photographer Proves Identity is a Construct with Kitschy Pulp Inspired Shots,” Konbini, November, http://www.konbini.com/us/inspiration/art-on-parker-day-kitschy-portraits-identity/

2016     Max Campbell, "Candy and Poison," The New Yorker, September 14, https://www.newyorker.com/culture/portfolio/candy-and-poison

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2016     Hannah Butterworth, “Photographer Parker Day Explores Identity with Glitter, Colour, and a Little Bit of Blood,” i-D, April 15, http://i-d.vice.com/en_au/article/photographer-parker-day-explores-identity-with-glitter-colour-and-a-little-bit-of-blood

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