Concept/Photography: Me

Model: Bella McFadden

MUA: Laney Chantal

Concept/Photography/Wardrobe: Me

Models: Molly Milk, Tracy Paxton

Hair/Photo Assistant: Alex Picha

Friday, July 30th, 2021

I create characters for my photos as a way to express aspects of self that aren't readily available. Within you, as within me, there are latent aspects of self in the dim shadows of the unconscious. Some are dark figures that most of us would never dare portray in real life--killers, crooks, and creeps--others are idealizations in the form of heroes and icons that we yearn to be, if only for a moment. By stepping into the role of a character we can let go of the ego identity we uphold in our daily lives and tap into an unlived potential within us.

I think a lot about the characters we play in our real world lives. People are more conscious than ever of their ability to shape their persona and project it out into the world. So many brands of self. From influencers to micro-influencers to wannabe influencers or creatives branding themselves for success. This hyper awareness of the brand of you can't be healthy. People become so concerned with their image and not doing anything wrong that they close themselves off to huge aspects of themselves. We aren't meant to have narrow, tidy, sellable lives. We're big and messy and complex and beautiful in all the joys and pains of our human experience. A human experience which is shared by all. We need to see more of ourselves in others to heal and become whole and that's only possible by opening up to the depth and the breadth of what we are. And it's not going to be found in the tidy packaging of a brand identity.  

Photography: Me

Model/Costume/Makeup: Taylor Horne

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

There was a time when the internet represented freedom and connection. We had new ways in which to express ourselves and to reach a larger audience than we had previously imagined possible. This was groundbreaking for weirdo artists like myself who otherwise would be unable to crack open the door to mainstream exposure let alone finagle a foot in through that door. I don't think I would be an artist today if I didn't have a way to grow and connect with an audience. 

But every day I see censorship getting worse, especially on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok, and artists struggling to reach even the audiences they've built since their content is being throttled by these platforms' denial of anything but safe, ad-ready pablum. 

I'll be posting primarily here on my site where you can see my work uncropped, uncensored, and where I'll share what's on my mind as well. This will serve as a journal and sketchbook as I move through my process. I hope you find value in it. 

Concept/Photography: Me

Model: Emma Lita Rose

MUA: Eden

Wardrobe: Ivory Woods

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